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Sooner or later it is going to be necessary to update a website. Improving or modifying content on the website is called website maintenance. If you want, you can perform this procedure by yourself or you can leave it to a web designer. Maintaining and updating a website is a continuous process which is essential to perform in order to avoid that your website looks like out of date. The fact is that out-dated website with incorrect or old information rejects visitors and customers.
If you do not have time to maintain a website, we are here to solve that problem. Leave maintenance to us and we will regularly update your website, amend the content, publish marketing promotions and activities, add innovations and everything what is required to make your website look professional, and in order to rise possibility that even more people hear about you and visit your presentation or buy your product.

Content Management System or CMS is a system for website content maintenance. With this tool, you can easily update the content of your website by yourself. Required knowledge is at that level alike when you insert pictures or comments on our Facebook page. You will get an administrator panel where only you can access and which helps you to easily edit, add, delete contents of your web pages. There are options of the CMS that limit you, and you can only change certain content, but also there are options where you can change the content and even add or delete items on the menu or to change complete page. At the beginning it is important to agree with a web expert if you want a CMS or not and what it should contain. CMS can also enable your visitors to partly change the content of the website – for example, to leave comments, and at the same time you are allowed to approve the comment or edit it, correct or delete it. In terms of CMS complexity, even the price of making the entire website is different.
CMS is usually programmed in PHP ant it communicates with the MySQL database. Essentially speaking, with the help of CMS tools you perform inputs in the MySQL database and upload of files to the server. After inputs, PHP takes the data and displays it to website visitors. Programming in PHP determines the way how the data will be presented and enables distinct control of the content. What is useful is that PHP allows you to automate many functions on the website.